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Φ5.5mm cemented carbide grinding rod

Product Description

Grade: ZU20

ISO Code: K20-K30


Length:300mm/305mm(0-5mm) or other length according customer require

grain size: 0.8um
cobalt content: 10.2
density: ≥14.4 g/c
hardness: ≥ 1650(HV30),91.5(HRA)

Tungsten carbide extrudedrod

·        High accuracy with long lifespan

·        Hip sintered, good performance

·        Various sizes and full types available

·        Products can be customized upon requirement

Features of tungsten carbide rod:
As for tungsten carbide rod, below are the general features for your reference
For more details of specific type,please inform us:

·        Better wear resistance,higher toughness, better deformation and fracture resistance, results in a longlife and good size accuracy

·        Adopt advanced automatic extrusion equipment

·        HIP sintering and precision grinding to ensure the good performance

·        Both blank and finished tungsten carbide rods available

·        Can reach a mirroreffect surface after accurate grinding and polishing


·        For making the drill bits, end-mills, reamers

Quality control:

·        All raw materials are tested in terms of density, hardness and TRA and HV30 before use

·        Every piece of product goes through in-process and final inspection

·        Every batch of product can be traced